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This project was a welcome break from the usual, more graphic-y or program specific briefs, and therefore had plenty of wiggle room to just go wild and indulge in whichever style or media you wanted. I took the opportunity gladly to pursue a fledgling idea I really liked and saw potential in, and also to further develop my digital painting skills in Photoshop. I’m very happy with my final outcomes though I really wish I had enough of the cream and gold Indian handmade paper left so I could have printed out all the cards on it and not only three. In my own time I will definitely continue developing the images I made for this project and maybe even turn them into traditional paintings eventually.

This project was the one I had the least time on because I missed a week when I was away in Prague sorting out visa issues, came back ill, and then used all the time I had to develop the actual visuals so I would have something to show. This is one case where the visuals and final outcomes were successful despite a lack of research…the same can’t be said for the A3 poster brief. Because of time constraints I had to leap ahead and just work on the actual visuals and therefore had to just skim over the preliminary work.

I did end up going back and trying to fill in the gaps but it just seemed a little pointless since the final outcome was done and I had loads more work to finish off on the A3 poster brief as well as the packaging brief. So, I admit the research is still lacking a bit, but it was a matter of prioritizing whether I wanted to add stuffing to this project or actually try and finish the final outcomes for the other two.

My ideas and idea generation were successful, though a bit more concise then usual which may be because this was a rare case when the right ideas decided to come my way (the direct opposite of the A3 poster brief). I had lots of rough work but it’s hidden in the layers of each image (I did post a step by step layering process of  one of the images on the blog to show my trial and error process of how I built up the image).

All in all I am satisfied with how effectively and quickly I was able to come up with good final solutions to the brief despite all the time I missed.


Yesterday (Thursday 20th Nov. 2008) –

  • saw Sally first thing in the morning to ask about a potential deadline extension since I realized that I had underestimated how much I had left and it just wasn’t going to work. I had tried talking to her twice before about it but she wasn’t available, so I just decided to give it a go and try finish it because I really wanted to get the project over with so that it wouldn’t overlap with the next project. I have been ill on and off multiple times which created gaps here and there and put me behind on some parts of the project. In the end I did manage to get it pushed forward to next Tuesday 12:00. Thank you so much Sally!!!
  • Neil announced that we get the new brief next Thursday and should maybe start doing some research and thinking about the site design (I’ve actually been collecting research already for this project, so it’s nice that I have a bit of a head start on the next unit, esp. since the current one has a belated end).
  • Aaaah! Need to email Neil which D&AD brief I’m doing!
  • and also email Neil the exact dates when I’m leaving for x-mas break.
  • Got feedback from Neil on the new A3 poster designs and pebbler pebble designs….
  • after lunch: got feedback from Claire as well…

Today (Friday 21st Nov. 2008)

  • not a good start…missed the blackboard thing Neil showed everyone because I slept through 2 alarm close and was brutally woken by fire alarms going off since some technicians came around to test them…came in asap to make the most of the rest of the day.
  • cut and cropped the greeting card print outs! Yay! Another thing to tick off my to-do list!
  • took the measurements of  the card
  • Somethings I can still do for the greeting card project:
  1. make a neutral interiro for the existing colourful envelope designs
  2. make a full neutral colored envelope
  3. make a mixed color envelope, exterior being one color, interior being another color.
  4. try printing one of the cards onto the handmade paper the envelopes are out of just to see what they would look like…it might be nice if the card and envelope paper types match…let’s see if it works…
  5. or also try printing the card onto the high quality A5 hp photo paper I have at home!
    • Aim for today: finish up the two final A3 poster versions and get them printed!

    • and another aim: get a good night’s sleep for a change! Being so tired that you sleep through alarm clocks is NOT good!

        Week 4

        20th October – 26th October

        • · Monday 20th: continued developing my ideas and sketches so that I would have something decent to shoe Neil, ideally all 6 cards!
        • · Tuesday 22nd : went in to see Neil to check in that I am on the right track…I had managed to do 5 instead of six but nonetheless considering the whole week I had missed I think I covered a lot of ground in three days.
        • · I came in very happy with what I had done and really loving my idea, but, didn’t leave in quite the same high spirits. I hadn’t considered the target audience as I should have straight off to begin with, which is an error on my part. So, when it came down to deciding the target audience it put a damper on my things.

        Thursday , October 23rd 2008

        Morning : blog catch up work from what I missed whilst in Prague, talked to Claire about the greetings card project

        Claire talk:

        I was deliberating over whether to just discard what I had done and do something more commercial

        Claire though really loved the designs and the fact that they were done in Photoshop despite having a painterly quality to them, she really encouraged me to stick with them, that it’s ok that they are different

        Being different is what is nice about them, the fact that they are not mainstream

        Calming/healing properties to them…something you might see in a yoga studio


        Greeting card mini crit.

        § The 6 cards were practically done at this point and no big changes or concerns were brought up in the mini crit.

        Talked to Sally about poster project

        Saw Neil about how I missed the first session of Dreamweaver by accident

        Talked to Sally and Neil about Christmas holiday dates

        Sally’s feedback:

        Do I want the government to give money or rich people to give money?

        Clarify target audience and purpose of the add

        Sharpen the message, make it clear

        Research more

        West vs. East issue?

        Have only the coin globe (it’s a powerful image, the other images detract from it) and a catchy phrase

        Gandhi quotes

        Compare Christmas spending vs. Charity spending

        Military spending vs. education

        If we spend ‘x’ everyone could have an education

        She thought it was about a planet issue NOT wealth issue as was intended

        too many literal symbols

        • 24th – final critique (ill)

        The two photos below are scanned in from the book “Joska Skalnik: dreams – situations – games”. He is on of my favourite artists and when the greeting cards brief came up I immediately remembered his lovely postcard selection in his book…and especially the envelope (displayed below). The envelope, to me, metaphorically stood for sending someone a piece of the sky/heavens/positive thinking/ideal place/peaceful place and any other connotations one can make with it. It’s very poetic I think and the fact that he likes dealing the sky corresponds nicely with my card series of ‘weather sendings’.

        from page 173

        from page 175

        Similar to my designs some of his works here is also abstract, though others are much more graphic-y.

        Tuesday (after talking to Neil) – Wednesday

        The next obvious step was to finish the series by adding the sixth card. Initially I really wanted to do a wind themed one but out of the blue I got the impulse to do something misty/foggy. This may have been because I had recently heard somewhere the “season of mist” poem and that line stuck with me. I went with my impulse and came up with this design…

        – mist sending –

        The poem in question is here…

        Now that I had all six designs (which are still works in progress, there is definitely room for improvement and further visual development but I finally had 6 decent designs in the time available), I addressed the issue of the format of the actual card. The design is a square turned on its side, which is a bit of a problem for a greeting card since they don’t naturally stand on a corner! Oh and note please that the dark grey is NOT part of the design….it’s just the background so that the design stands out more and is easier to work on.

        I remembered a stock photo I had come across and really liked, so I took it and decided to give it a go, to see if it would work with my designs. Almost instantly things fell into place and I went with the new format of the card. Though, now with fresh eyes, I am tempted to try cropping the card back down to a square and see what it looks like. But for now here are the updated cards….

        Process for painting “rain sending”

        “LO2 Demonstrate that you have acquired the appropriate balance of conceptual, analytical and practical skills in order to communicate professional innovative design solutions.”

        Design a series of 6 greeting cards, can be about anything but they must be linked and have a target of audience for them.

        I read the brief and began thinking about it during my week away in Prague from the 9th of October to the 17th. But unfortunately as these things go there just wasn’t the time to really get any substantial work done while I was away. So, upon getting back I set to work straight away into coming up with some ideas. My aim for the crit on thursday/friday was to have all the six cards physically realized, even if not absolutely done. I will definitely have to go back to properly do the sketchbook aspect behind the work, but that is something that must be done due to the time constraints I have. I’d rather produce the cards and return to the do the backup work rather then not have anything to show for the crit.

        Before leaving for Prague, in my own time I had done a little mock-up for a personal project. My sister who lives in Abu Dabi absolutely loves rain and gets very little of it where she is. So, my parents gave me the idea of making a rain themed painting. The digital sketch I came up with is below:

        Though it was still a work in progress I really liked how it turned out and when the greeting card project came around I jumped on the idea of making a series of such digital sketches based on various weather conditions. The cards would be “Weather Sendings”. I did a quick brainstorm of potential subject matters to use: storm, rain, mist, wind, cool, warm, sunshine, heat, ice/frost/snow, balance, mild, fog.

        I decided to take up the challenge of making a series which all held to a similar visual structure/composition. Here are the designs I came up with from Saturday-Monday…

        – balance sending-

        – sun sending –

        – snow sending –

        – storm sending –

        On Tuesday I came in to check in with Neil and show him what I had come up with. The first concern he brought up was the need to identify the proper target audience. From speaking to Neil and other students, it became apparent that the target audience was 20 + females.

        Week 2

        6th October – 12th October
        • · Monday 6th: I came in because I thought we had class, it turned out we didn’t but I stayed in nonetheless to make use of it and work. Did a lot of blogging to document the progress over the weekend.
        • · left for Prague on Thursday the 9th and therefore missed the crit. for this part of the project

        Week 3

        13th October – 19th October
        • came back from Prague on the 17th so I spent all the time I could get to work on the greeting card project since there just wasn’t the time to do much whilst I was in Prague.
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