Getting Pebblier….

scanned in hand-drawn sketches from references…

a narrowed down selection of new pebble shapes to explore

This is the first pebble I made from one of the new shapes.

I wanted to have at least 3 pebble shapes, so I started another one, also picked from the sketches. I specifically used the creamand brown color scheme since it seems to be the most popular with everyone…also, the colours are taken directly from Animal’s site so it most definitely fits their look. For this shape I decided to try go all the way and cover all the necessary view points. This ended up taking much longer then I excpected, there was a lot of trial and error, so I had to end my package development here. Nonetheless I think that the first pebble I tried re-doing also turned out well and if I had more time I could get a few more designs in.  BUT, I still had to do Point of Sale!

Pebble Measurements!!!

length: 14 cm

width: 11 cm

height: 9 cm