Got feedback from Neil and Claire about my further developed A3 poster designs so I’ve gone back, hopefully for the last time, to make some changes and come up with the final designs once and for all (fingers crossed).

This is an updated version of the second design I posted before…it is combined with the bottom bit of the third design (the bottom bit where the text is balck and white and sits on the black bit). I also took the falling coins from the later designs to replace the grouped together falling coins I originally had in this version. The falling separate coins work much better as a visual way of leading the eye.

I like the font I used in the later designs so I decided to try it out and see how it would workd with this specific design. I think the original font works better with it.

This version just has the black bit at the bottom smaller and the education statistic moved down, and also less falling coins. Hmmm now looking at this a few minutes later I think that the first version where the bottom bit is higher actually works better.

This is the new version of the other final design I chose. I got rid of the few things and altered the text properties a bit. Supposedly the coins look like buttons so I had one more potential change in store…to change the coins into dollar bills instead….

Here are two versions I came up with of a ‘dollar bill planet’ which I ended up using in the image below but maybe it could really help the image above if I replaced it with the ‘button like planet’.

Ok…so I don’t know when to stop. This is just something completely different that popped into my head.

Right, so, back to what I was supposed to be doing in the first place….trying to solve the ‘button planet’ crisis. Here I replaced the button planet with my new and improved dollar bill planet. I thought that when it directly replaced the button planet it looked too abstract so I shrunk it down to see if it was any better. Here is the other version which shows the direct replacement, no shrinking…

I think that the text is still a bit troublesome…I’m still not quite happy with it. It’s reached the point again where I could just keep going, keep altering and trying to improve everything endlessly…but I gotta know when to quit and I think I have spent enough time on this already. If I am still undecided I can always get a second opinion on Monday before I print the poster off. But all in all I’m going to draw the line here because I have to focus on other things.