Yesterday (Thursday 20th Nov. 2008) –

  • saw Sally first thing in the morning to ask about a potential deadline extension since I realized that I had underestimated how much I had left and it just wasn’t going to work. I had tried talking to her twice before about it but she wasn’t available, so I just decided to give it a go and try finish it because I really wanted to get the project over with so that it wouldn’t overlap with the next project. I have been ill on and off multiple times which created gaps here and there and put me behind on some parts of the project. In the end I did manage to get it pushed forward to next Tuesday 12:00. Thank you so much Sally!!!
  • Neil announced that we get the new brief next Thursday and should maybe start doing some research and thinking about the site design (I’ve actually been collecting research already for this project, so it’s nice that I have a bit of a head start on the next unit, esp. since the current one has a belated end).
  • Aaaah! Need to email Neil which D&AD brief I’m doing!
  • and also email Neil the exact dates when I’m leaving for x-mas break.
  • Got feedback from Neil on the new A3 poster designs and pebbler pebble designs….
  • after lunch: got feedback from Claire as well…

Today (Friday 21st Nov. 2008)

  • not a good start…missed the blackboard thing Neil showed everyone because I slept through 2 alarm close and was brutally woken by fire alarms going off since some technicians came around to test them…came in asap to make the most of the rest of the day.
  • cut and cropped the greeting card print outs! Yay! Another thing to tick off my to-do list!
  • took the measurements of  the card
  • Somethings I can still do for the greeting card project:
  1. make a neutral interiro for the existing colourful envelope designs
  2. make a full neutral colored envelope
  3. make a mixed color envelope, exterior being one color, interior being another color.
  4. try printing one of the cards onto the handmade paper the envelopes are out of just to see what they would look like…it might be nice if the card and envelope paper types match…let’s see if it works…
  5. or also try printing the card onto the high quality A5 hp photo paper I have at home!
    • Aim for today: finish up the two final A3 poster versions and get them printed!

    • and another aim: get a good night’s sleep for a change! Being so tired that you sleep through alarm clocks is NOT good!